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Immigration Visas to US

Immigration Visas to US:

  • H-1B: Visa specialists that works for special tasks
    The H-1B Visa makes it very easy for specialists in “special tasks” to make an important contribution to the US Treasury. A maximum of 65,000 H-1B types of Visas are delivered every year. The H-1B Visa is issued for 3 years but could be extended. With the H1-1B Visa, you get a maximum stay of six years in the US and could request a Residence Card (Green Card) if a company supports the request. Requirements for collection: The H-1B non-immigrant could be given to applicants seeking limited access on a “particular task” that needs a special job skills Visa. The “Special occupations” include skills such as computer, study systems, programmers, database administrators, web designers, engineers, business analysts, doctors, nurses, scientists, architects and lawyers. Requests are usually submitted by employers based on their requirements as non-resident workers in the US. The applicant may have a degree of academic degree or satisfying experience and value restriction to dispense the lack of a master.
  • H-2B: Work Visa for employees with or without special needs
    Work visa H-2B was made to enable individuals to go to the US for a period of time, especially for work other than agriculture, for which US workers are in short supply. A maximum of 66,000 H-2B Visas are delivered every year. The yearly fee has not yet been overcome and probable applicants could wait until H- 2B Visas are readily available in the future.

    Requirements for collection: You’re eligible for an H- 2B Visa if you’re coming to the U.S.A. to obtain a limited work other than agronomy, a US contract. If history has corresponding skills or natural abilities required by the contractor, anyone could ask for it. H- 2B Visas are also made for employees with or without skills. Note that the H- 2B visa should not be confused with the H- 1B Visa, it is for employees with a university education. Citizens of Canada and Mexico are equally eligible for TN Work Visa (TN Nafta Work Visa).

  • H -3: Temporary visa training
    The USA issues temporary H-3 Visa training to people from other countries who want to arrive at the U.S.A. job training to obtain a US company. Those with a temporary H-3 visa exclusively have the opportunity to work for the company that is giving them the improvement, and the worker needs a circumstantial role within the plan. The most important goal should be the development and not the job. The Temporary H-3 Visas are usually delivered by the extent of the upgrading program (up to 4 semesters). You can assign extensions but in the limit of 4 semesters.

    Requirements for collection and limitations: These programs qualify for Temporary H-3 Visa Training: agronomy, technology, trade, communications, administration, and practically the whole area, except for medical training courses. There are several limitations including graduate training that is not available in the country of birth of the applicant, and that the training will benefit the applicant to start his career and get a profession in the applicant’s country of birth.

  • L-1: Visa works for transfer from a multinational company
    People who work in international companies outside the U.S.A. as professionals, managers or in a workplace that needs understanding with specialization, they could qualify to get the L-1 visa to work in USA or transferred to look after an office or another of the same company in the US. If the applicant is already in the US, a change of status could correspond and that would allow the individual to achieve the status of the L-1 visa without that from USA and having to manage the L-1 visa at a US consulate outside that country.
  • The immigration procedure and a lawyer for the processing of the request for a work visa L-1 is divided into two steps:
    · Step 1: Request
    · Step 2: Application

    The process of completing and submitting the application for Visa L-1 for transfer of an administration in the same company from another country to the US could be expensive and intricate. The migration L-1 Visa package for workers whose transfer causes the pending procedure is simple and easy to grasp. It is a step by step and easy to use in order to advise you show your request as effective guidance and briefly as plausible.

    Requirements for collection: The most important requirement is that the applicant for this visa must be performing outside the U.S.A. and transferred to an affiliate, subsidiary or affiliate in U.S.A or transferred to perform with a US company that is a partner in a “joint venture” of the global company outside U.S.A. where he currently works. There are different requirements to apply, please check the contents in the index request in advance to deliver your request. The package processing of the petition must be ordered at the end of this page.

    Supplementary Information: There are no limitations of numerical quotas for work visas and L-1 visas, they could be delivered quickly if the applicant has each of the requirements. Wives (I) and accompanying children who have the L-1 visa equally have the possibility to enter the U.S.A. and they will be issued the L-2 visa.

  • P: Visa U.S.A. for sportsmen and artists
    The P visa is a non-immigrant visa which makes it possible to perform certain individuals temporarily in the USA. The P visa has four ratings: P – 1, P – 2, P – 3 and P – 4. The P visa classification covers foreigners who are sportsmen, visual artist or universally known comic artists. The husband and unmarried children Carrier P visa are able to likewise follow the bearer of the P visa to the U.S.A. along the stay interval. The P – 1 visa may be issued to an individual or a team/group. The P visa makes it possible for individuals who are a part of a group or distraction could come to Use and work temporarily. There are different classifications of visas to individuals who perform, teach or coach in culturally unique courses.

    Requirements to be collected:
    · Qualifying for the P – 1 visa covers individuals who compete at world- renowned degree.
    · The classification of the P – 2 visas is for individuals who are actors or as part of recreation group acting in a mutual exchange program with agencies of the US Accreditation is needed involves formal reciprocal exchange agreements, reciprocity plan descriptions and certainty of rating skills.
    · The applicants for the visa P -3 must be over 18, be authorized to perform the work specified in the application, relate effectively and not have resided in the US over the predecessor year.

  • R -1 : Visa Religious servers
    Explanation of a general nature: The Government of the U.S.A. issue visas to people who are members of a legitimate religious entity in order to have the possibility of being legally perform in the U.S.A. for a specified period of time, such visas are called R-1. The R-1 visas are available to members of the clergy and similarly for key professionals’ mystical organizations. The procedure to perform and deliver a petition to the R-1 Visa for Religious Employees is likely to be expensive and arduous. The migration package R-1 Visa for Religious Employees makes the management procedure transparent and easy to grasp. It is a step by step guide and easy to use, to advise you to submit your request as quickly as competent and look plausible. The package can be ordered at the end of this page.

    Requirements for collection: The R- 1 visas are able to be obtained if the applicant has been a member of a legitimate religious denomination for at least four semesters. The R -2 visas are obtained for accompanying relatives of the principal applicant (DEVISA holder R-1). There are different requirements that may apply, please check the contents in the catalog for the processing of your request before submitting your request.

  • E-1: Trade treaty (Treaty Trader)
    The E-1 visa allows foreigners, members of countries with which the United States has a treaty of trade, come to the U.S.A. to develop powerful business, especially among the U.S.A. and the applicant country. The benefit has to be global reciprocity (successfully negotiated agreements between the two sides) of exchange between the US and the treaty country exchange.

    Requirements to be selected: Applicant must enter the U.S.A. to run a venture of great financial level, or to promote and lead transactions for a company that conducts business with the country of birth of the candidate. There is no cap on the number of E-1 visas are delivered. Wives ( I ) of individuals having an E – 1 visa are equally eligible to also get work in the US usually those with the E-1 visa are accepted for a period of four semesters, and is feasible simply get extensions.

  • E-2 : Investor Visa for Developing Countries (Treaty Investor)
    Individuals who want to finance in the US could get the E-2 visa Investment agreement. The candidate must be a resident of a country with an agreement to invest in USA. The aim of arrival has to be in order to make a large exchange negotiation between those found technology or other services, basically between U.S.A. and the country of the agreement; or to expand and manage the negotiations of a company in which it has invested, or is in progress to finance a very large sum of funds.

    Requirements for collection: The candidate must enter the U.S.A. to expand and lead the negotiations of a company where the candidate has invested or is active in the process of negotiating a high amount of capital. In addition to investing in a commercial company, the investor has to enter the U.S.A. to expand and guide the negotiations of the company where he or she has invested. The candidate must own more than fifty percent (50 %), unless the candidate comes as a worker of the company.

  • O-1Work Visa for individuals with skills or achievements outside series
    The division of the Visa O -3 visas is: O-1, O- 2 and O-3. The O -1 visa is for people with extraordinary abilities in a domestic or global degree in science, arts, education, economics or sports. People with achievements outside standard on the market of cinema and / or TV are able to equally manage O-1 visa, as long as the work they have done is in a subject of accomplishments outside series. The O-2 visas are usually for people who support the carrier of the O-1 visa and the link of the visa holder’s O-1 and O-2 visa must have been for a long term. The spouse and unmarried children of the carriers of the O-1 visa have the option of getting the O-3 visas to enter the U.S.A. with the main carrier of the O-1 visa.

    Requirements to be selected: Work to develop has to be reduced. The individual must have skills that are extraordinary in the field of science, arts, education, economy, sports or cinema market or TV. Some examples of this significant aptitude test are contracts, awards, prizes, published material or similar accreditation that reflects the origin of the success of the individual.